An essay is a written piece that gives out an author’s point of view or argument and can either be formal or informal depending on the intention of the author or the topic. Essays are generally written in learning institutions such as high schools and colleges. But they can also be written outside the academic world, for example, in the business world and for promotional purposes to convince an audience. There also exist many essay writing services that could come to your rescue.

To successfully write a good essay, a lot of planning and research is usually involved. You will need to sit down and do your research from where you will organize your points and write down your essay. For you to write an essay will need to follow some of these steps;

When writing an essay, the first thing to do is to determine the type of essay you are writing. There exist different categories of essays like; descriptive, expository essays, narrative essay, and persuasive essays.

(a) Brainstorm

After determining the type of essay, you want to write, you already have an idea of what you are to write about. During this phase, all that you do is to think and formulate ideas for your essay. Jolt down all the ideas that come to your mind and narrow down the points that best suit the topic of interest. Draft a list of possible topics and get down to choosing the best topic that answers the question asked in your essay.  

(b) Research on the topic

After you are done picking a topic and brainstorming, you then go ahead and research on the topic. Visit the library and read on the topic, search about the topic on online platforms or you can even go ahead and interview people with knowledge on the topic you have chosen.

Systematically organize your research to make it easy to refer back to it. This also eases your work when writing the final essay and citing your sources.

(c) Develop a thesis statement

The main point of your essay should be your thesis statement. It is the one statement that discloses what your essay is all about. It guides you as you write so that all your points can be traced back to the leading statement, which is the thesis statement. This should appear in the introductory paragraph and should be wide enough so that you have quite enough things to say about it.

(d) Outline your essay

At this point, you make a blueprint of what you are going to write about. An outline helps you make sure that your paper is well planned, coherently flows, and is logical. A properly organized and flowing essay is very outstanding.

(e) Write your essay

Once you have made an outline and feel satisfied that it is good, start your essay writing process. Base all that you write on the drafted outline making sure you capitalize on all the basics and make the best out of it to that your essay is clear and cohesive.

Once you are done writing your essay, re-read and edit making sure it is how you want it to be. Revise it to check for clarity and consistency. Students having problems writing should reach out for essay writing help.