If you believe that you are a professional essay writer, note that you have an opportunity to make extra cash. There are various ways most people are earning an income as freelancers. In other words, your writing hobby or talent can be used to earn you money that can help you to pay for your daily expenses. Are you wondering how you can make money through essay writing services? If yes, it is crucial to understand that this is simple. Make sure that you join specific article writing companies and learn the ways in which you can write various essays and earn from it. The following are some ways on how to write essays for money.

Assess Your Free Time

To become a professional writer, you need a specific level of commitment. In other words, you need to figure out how long you will work on a given project for you to determine the number of essays that you can handle daily. On the same note, when you are assessing your free time, make sure that you remember that you need to produce quality essays according to the instructions provided. Also, understand that you will spend most of your time online.

Know the Essential Resources You Need

As a writer, it is advisable to ensure that you know the resources that you need to have. For you to achieve the required content, you should have a working computer or desktop. Also, the internet is among the top sources that will help you with the information that you want. Make sure that you research and know some of the sources where you can carry out your research. Once you have found all the resources that you need, it will be easy to come up with a well-written essay that will help you to earn money.

Find a Professional Essay Writing Company

When you want to earn money as an essay writer, ensure that you find a professional and certified essay writing company. When I need an essayist to write my research paper for me, I usually check for the top-rated writing companies that I can hire. With enough research, you will find a company that will suit you.

There are various academic essay writing companies all over. To get a professional and experienced one, you need to conduct thorough research. With the right factors, you will end up finding a company that can hire you, depending on your writing skills. With a certified company, you will write and earn money.

Be Flexible

When you are aspiring to become a professional essay writer, one of the things that you need to do is ensure that you are flexible. In simpler terms, you need to ensure that you can from anywhere and any time you want. It is among the benefits that most online writers are experiencing, depending on their workload. The main goal is to ensure that you meet the deadline and work according to the instruction provided. In doing this, your work will be accepted and paid.

Find Student Writing Jobs

Even when you are a student, you can manage to get some writing tasks and earn from it. One of the easiest and safest ways you can write student’s papers is to find professional companies that offer these tasks to students. However, when looking for these jobs, you need to ensure that each will have their criteria, and you need to agree that you can write according to their needs before starting working on the job.


As mentioned at the start of this post, many job tasks can help students to make extra money. To work as an academic writer, make sure that you have all the qualities required. With some of these traits, it will be easy to earn extra money.

In the heart of every human being, there is an individual purpose, a specific aching inscribed. It is mostly housed in ambitions and hopes, only unearthed by a series of hard work. Such are dreams, and everyone has a dream, only that our different abilities diversify it.

In the imagining of dreams, some people love their thoughts written. Writing the thoughts down requires consideration of specific tips to write an excellent dream job essay. Below are some tips that will help you understand and know how to work on your essay.

  1. Write Your Career Goals

The first thing you need to determine before writing is knowing what your career goals are. Career goals are known to change from time to time. As you grow, get introduced to new things, gain knowledge about the world, and learn new experiences, your values and interests keep changing. Writing them down will give you a strong motivation for taking the necessary action.

  • Organize Your Ideas

To write an excellent essay, you need a comprehensive plan. You need to come up with concise sentences that will give your paper focus and serve as your thesis statement. No matter what topic you have, you need to make a clear outline. The essay should follow a general structure comprising of the introduction, body paragraphs, and the conclusions.

  • Support Your Ideas

The body is the most crucial part of the essay. It should provide detailed information about your career goals and the plans put in place to accomplish them. You have to use relevant examples while explaining in this section. Use of appropriate evidence will help create a lasting impression on the reader. You can use facts and examples from credible sources online that will help support your main idea. The knowledge on how to write a job essay solely depends on whether or not you can express your ideas freely and efficiently.

  • State Your Purpose

There is a reason for everything. When writing your essay, you need to explain why you fit this job. Your skills have to be displayed by providing relevant examples of things you have done in line with the dream job. If you have any achievements in the area, mention them in this section as it will help reinforce your passion and prowess in the job. When stating your purpose, it is better to speak from the heart and let it flow smoothly. With the heart as the guiding principle, the only surest way of achieving the best results is enacted. Stating your purpose is vital.

  • Write a Strong Conclusion

As you conclude, re-emphasize on the importance of your career goals. The use of a few memorable lines or catchy phrases would go a long way to impress your audience. The experts of essay writing advise that an emotional expression would be of great appeal. The end is always more significant than the beginning. The audience is more likely to remember the conclusion of your essay more than anything else.

Once you have your paper ready, revise the essay to improve its quality, and edit out errors. You can apply essay tips during editing, or engage someone to help you with proofreading your work. With the right content, a perfect essay will help you find a job.  

Every student in the course of their study is required to do research and document their findings in a paper. The paper is an author’s original piece of academic writing based on a particular topic, analysis, and interpretation of the research findings.

While it is an essential document in the conferment of an academic award, most students don’t know the parts of a research paper. Majority of the students delve into the writing process without giving thought to the basic intricacies and order in which it should be written. Below are distinct elements of a research paper.

  1. The Title

Every piece of writing has a title. It is what distinguishes it from other pieces of similar nature. Your research should have a title. As the first element, it expresses what your paper is all about.

  • Abstract

The abstract comes immediately after the title. It is a paragraph that briefly and efficiently summarizes your paper. It affirms to the objectives of the research and the reasons that propelled its undertaking. It explains how data was collected, handled, recorded, and examined to make the research a success. The abstract also includes the primary research deductions.

  • Introduction

After the abstract, the introduction follows, and it states the thesis of the study. It explains why the research is relevant and vital. It dictates the flow of the paper, and hence it is the most critical part of the paper. The specifics and details of the study are not dealt with within this section. You only mention what the research entails and focus on making the paper interesting. You don’t want to lose your reader at this point.

  • Literature Review

A literature review is acknowledging the researches done before your paper. It considers the current published works that focus on the subject matter and evaluates what others have already done.

  • Methods

In this section, you have to illustrate in detail how your research was carried out and provide the techniques used. The reader should be able to see that the methods were detailed and rationalized to enable them to imagine the ways themselves. Clarity and logic are crucial at this part.

  • Results

In this part, you have to leave out your personal opinion and detail your results but don’t explain. Using graphics and tables is advisable as they help a reader visualize the results and understand your findings.

  • Discussion

Here, you talk about the results, the effects, and how it affects your thesis. You can compare your results to findings to studies done before, provide suggestions on what should be corrected. In conclusion, outline and relate your interpretations.

  • Bibliography

Research paper writing is never complete without listing the references. The bibliography is an alphabetized list of academic authorities. It comprises a list of the title, author, and publication date. The format of the references will match the format and style used in the paper. Commonly used formats are APA and MLA formats. It helps to avoid plagiarism which is a crime in academic writing. 

The basic structure of writing a paper should consider the above elements. They can be adjusted to accommodate something else, but in its simplest form, you can use it throughout your education. Having the structure in your fingertips is an advantage as it can be used in various careers. It is a life skill that shouldn’t be ignored. However, students with problems writing their essay should reach research paper help for assistance.

An essay is a written piece that gives out an author’s point of view or argument and can either be formal or informal depending on the intention of the author or the topic. Essays are generally written in learning institutions such as high schools and colleges. But they can also be written outside the academic world, for example, in the business world and for promotional purposes to convince an audience. There also exist many essay writing services that could come to your rescue.

To successfully write a good essay, a lot of planning and research is usually involved. You will need to sit down and do your research from where you will organize your points and write down your essay. For you to write an essay will need to follow some of these steps;

When writing an essay, the first thing to do is to determine the type of essay you are writing. There exist different categories of essays like; descriptive, expository essays, narrative essay, and persuasive essays.

(a) Brainstorm

After determining the type of essay, you want to write, you already have an idea of what you are to write about. During this phase, all that you do is to think and formulate ideas for your essay. Jolt down all the ideas that come to your mind and narrow down the points that best suit the topic of interest. Draft a list of possible topics and get down to choosing the best topic that answers the question asked in your essay.  

(b) Research on the topic

After you are done picking a topic and brainstorming, you then go ahead and research on the topic. Visit the library and read on the topic, search about the topic on online platforms or you can even go ahead and interview people with knowledge on the topic you have chosen.

Systematically organize your research to make it easy to refer back to it. This also eases your work when writing the final essay and citing your sources.

(c) Develop a thesis statement

The main point of your essay should be your thesis statement. It is the one statement that discloses what your essay is all about. It guides you as you write so that all your points can be traced back to the leading statement, which is the thesis statement. This should appear in the introductory paragraph and should be wide enough so that you have quite enough things to say about it.

(d) Outline your essay

At this point, you make a blueprint of what you are going to write about. An outline helps you make sure that your paper is well planned, coherently flows, and is logical. A properly organized and flowing essay is very outstanding.

(e) Write your essay

Once you have made an outline and feel satisfied that it is good, start your essay writing process. Base all that you write on the drafted outline making sure you capitalize on all the basics and make the best out of it to that your essay is clear and cohesive.

Once you are done writing your essay, re-read and edit making sure it is how you want it to be. Revise it to check for clarity and consistency. Students having problems writing should reach out for essay writing help.

Anyone who understands that the pen is mightier than the sword finds the art of writing irresistible. They view a blank page differently, with an attraction only people of their kind can understand. They treat words as weapons because of their sophistication and importance.

However, only a few people write. Most of the people with interests in writing don’t write due to many reasons. They stand at a point of admiration, wishing they could have the ability to write. Compelling stories are within them, characters aching scream on a paper and a plot eagerly waiting to be twisted on a paper. Such people have trouble writing because they are beginners. Here are a few writing tips to help you write.

  1. Read, Read, Read!

As a writer, words are your world; and what better way of mastering words than reading itself. If you want to be a great writer, you have to be a great reader. Read everything that comes your way without prejudice as it helps you develop an eye for what effective writing looks like. Reading helps you observe different writing style, the use of precise vocabulary, how to explore the emotions of your readers, and sentence construction and structure. Reading is the only way you can set up your brain to begin functioning like that of a seasoned writer.

  • Write for Yourself

Although the mission of every writer is to pass a message to an intended audience, think of yourself first. Direct your focus into using a style that fascinates you and developing ideas, feelings, and characters that make you smile. Writing for yourself first ensures that as a writer, you are satisfied with your work, a factor that fires your imagination. It helps to flow easily from your heart and activates your creative genius.

  • Consider your Audience

In writing, you write for yourself first then rewrite for your audience. Your audience is your readers, and you should write with them in mind. Always ensure you write like you are speaking to one person and write exceptionally to create an emotional attachment. The most significant way of doing so is by connecting with them by writing about their experiences and perspectives.

  • Explore the Emotions of Your Readers 

Powerful writing is that it does not only tell you that it rained, but it also makes you feel the effect of raindrops on your skin. Readers have feelings and an emotional part, which, as a writer, you can explore and take your readers on a ride an emotional carousel. Readers can feel motivated and be excited and feel grief. All humans crave to feel something, so ensure that your writing makes them feel exactly that. 

  • Be Consistent

Practice makes perfect. Make sure that each day, you write a few hundred words and make it a habit. It will help sharpen your writing, as just like any other skill, consistency does it. Although consistency is one of the worst struggle writers face in their daily lives, always try to keep your words flowing on the paper regularly. On being consistent, experiment with different genres of writing. Explore telling stories as an art but also learn the tricks of academic writing and learn how to write a paper.

  • Self Confidence and Belief in Yourself

Writing is a daunting process. It is a process that will have you doubting everything you write, questioning whether you are good enough. Every day provides a new challenge and with it comes a specific set of challenges. If you are going to make it through, the level of self-confidence and belief in yourself should be unshakable. It is what will keep you going when it all gets tough. In case of significant problems, you can always ask for writing help.

The basics of writing are vital as they helped develop my mind. It opens possibilities that I didn’t know existed. By writing a story, I can arrange ideas in a logical pattern, and mastery of it can help me write my paper for my class essay.