My Master Thesis in Strategic Design — Part I

This is supplemented by prototypical representations which show the results of the work and the theoretical findings.


Master’s thesis – CS Design

The master’s thesis is a piece of theoretical, artistic or applied research, a work of art or a combination of these; it may also include a production component. Thesis always includes a written component. If the thesis consists of a design or other production component and a written component, the student must specify the emphasis to be given to the different components in the evaluation. However, the thesis is always evaluated as a whole, with all the components of the thesis included in the evaluation.

  • Read the Master’s thesis guide (updated 2023). Please pay attention to the thesis evaluation criteria. Students must know what is expected in the master’s thesis and what types of factors may affect the grade.
  • Choose a topic.
  • Discuss about the topic first with your programme director. He will suggest possible supervisor for you.
  • Make the thesis plan (see Master’s thesis guide for instructions). (former Thesis Seminar) course is a compulsory course, and it will help you to write the thesis plan proposal.
  • Have your thesis topic and thesis plan approved by your supervisor.
  • Inform your study coordinator about your topic, supervisor, advisor.
  • Although the thesis is to be done independently, students have the responsibility to consult the thesis advisor(s) during the writing process to ensure that the thesis requirements are met.
  • Supervisor: approves the thesis topic and thesis plan, ensures that the student finds advisor(s).
  • Advisor: supports the student in different stages of the thesis writing process.
  • Supervisor and advisor can be the same person.
  • If the advisor is from outside of Aalto or works for Aalto only part-time, we can pay max. 10 hours/student for the advisor.

3. Thesis part one and part two should be approved by your supervisor

  • About four weeks before the final thesis submission to eAge system, enter your thesis draft into the Turnitin-plagiarism detection system. Please use “Independent Turnitin Originality Check” and send the result report to your advisor. If your advisor is from outside of Aalto, please check the result report with your supervisor. In ARTS, Turnitin is used as a tool to check if all your citations in your thesis work are done correctly.
  • Your draft should have all the text parts including the abstract and the reference list.
  • Master’s thesis must include an abstract.
  • Write the thesis abstract in Aalto form.
  • Students, whose language of high school education is Finnish or Swedish, must write the abstract in their language of education (Finnish or Swedish) and in English.
  • Students, whose language of education is other than Finnish or Swedish, write the abstract only in English.
  • The abstract serves also as the maturity essay for the master’s degree.
  • Email your thesis abstract to your supervisor two weeks before the final thesis submission.
  • There will be two thesis examiners (evaluators). One of them will be automatically your thesis supervisor. Your supervisor will suggest the other examiner (evaluator) to the programme director for appointment.
  • Supervisor is in charge of the evaluation of the thesis and puts forth the examination statement and grade proposal to the programme committee.

T hesis submission schedule autumn 2023 ( The dates will be updated in the autumn! )

If your supervisor can not participate, please agree with your supervisor about date and way.

Common thesis submission schedule for the master students in the Department of Design for academic year 2023-2023
In the link: Completing your master’s thesis

In the autumn term, there will be two thesis submission dates: 21.11.2023 and 30.12.2023.

– In the new thesis submission schedule/process, thesis presentation will happen BEFORE the final thesis submission. Presentation is compulsory, but it is not evaluated. Presentation will be more like an event where a student will get feedback and can update the thesis accordingly.
– “When and in what format” the presentation happens will be updated when it is available.

T hesis submission schedule spring 2023 ( The dates will be updated in the autumn! )

Identification of problem areas

In future, with a command from a smartphone, drivers can automatically park cars in their assigned spots without having to monitor the vehicles movements. The pilot solution at the Mercedes-Benz Museum parking garage is the world s first-ever solution for a fully automated valet parking service in real conditions, with and without drivers at the wheel.

Siswandari, Y., D., L., Xiong, S., Self, J., A. & Kim, S., P. (2014) Assessment of Warning Comprehensibility Utilizing Subjective and Physiological Measures (masters thesis). Ulsan National Institute of Science & Technology (UNIST), Korea.


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